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Our government systems operate on a bail bonds program. We currently are providing the following types of bail to our customers in the Missoula, MT area:

Surety Bail Bonds

Companies who are known as bail bondsman will post bonds with the court system, which in return is promising an offender’s arrival at court. Arrival in court come to be the solitary obligation of the bail bondsman and this tends to be the most used and effective type of bail.

Cash Bail Bonds

The offender, or one of his helpers, will pay to the court the amount they request to be released from jail. The offender and the co-signer, if needed, must both agree that this individual will show up at all further court appearances. This is part of the normal governmental process of bail.

Recognizance Bonds

People who have not yet been charged with a crime, but have a court date, are released on their own recognizance. They affirm before the court that they will attend all hearings.

Expert Bonds

To get a professional bond, one must have property that can be used as collateral in order to post bail. Usually, this is a piece of real estate or other assets. The court will observe the obligation and it cannot go beyond a certain percent of the value of the asset.

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